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28. April 2016 2016 Award announcement of results will take place of the Dean will take place at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University (room will be specified) Environmentally focused projects, Bachelor or master thesis you can log in to 10.8. 2016 here

28. April 2016 will take place from 5:00 p.m. in the Grand Hall of the lecture on the topic: what we know about the event organized by the Department of history Be didactics and history in cooperation with the student association Agora speaker is prof. Petr Čornej.

28. April 2016 organizes Student departmental Board of health education Spring dinner party from 6:00 pm in the great Hall. The party is associated with a rich program, refreshments and subsequent after-party at the Rodeo bar.

* The events are continuously replenished


26. February 2016 was published news regarding the issue of the proceedings of the International Conference of the project (student) teaching in science subjects, she was already in October 2015, under the auspices of the Dean Faculty of education at Charles University in Prague, prof. Paeddr. Radka Wildové, CSc. The Organizer is the Department of chemistry and Didactics of chemistry. The publication, please click here
2. March 2016 Student Association Agora z.s. uspořádál debate on the topic of Bullying as a phenomenon, which loosely continued the screening of film Club Agora: Spoiled teens

3. March 2016 was another of the lectures of the University of the first age/the labyrinth of knowledge with the name: on the trail of Golem. The theme is related to the subjects of Czech language and literature and history and not only partially addressed by the legendary physique, but also of the Prague ghetto. The speaker was Mgr. Eva Markvartová, Ph.d.

5. March 2016 was the first of the first-aid course organized by the Pedagogical Club Emil. The course was accredited by the MINISTRY of EDUCATION, and included the theory and practice of first aid, Fundamentals of nursing sick, the basics of hygiene, the rights and duties of health care professional to recovery actions, the Decree. The output should conclude with a test and a certificate.

7. March 2016 first seminar took place from people in need of the one world program at schools in cooperation with the Student Association Agora named how to use the document in the classroom: the use of audiovisual educational resources in education. After graduating, you can receive a certificate. (Other terms: 13.2, 4.4, 4.7, 2.) for more information: 7. March 2016 Student Association of Drosophila becomes a genuine expert through the course and to support this activity, organised and interesting lecture of Bosoběh, bosochůze and minimalism, led by Thomas Zahálkou, who is famous not only for its "Kiltem after the Czech Republic", but mostly bare.

8. March 2016 Department of art Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague ensure Lecture with presentation of the new book Ko-text/shape, sound and gesture, the creator, the teacher and the pupil presented Catherine Dytrtovou and Martin Raudenským. The publication examines the approaches to dynamically scale the art education and the strategies of contemporary art in the interaction with the child.

11. March 2016 was the parade of international projects at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, including the results of and the inspiration. The event was included in the program for foreign visitors who come to the UK under International Staff Training Week.

14. March 2016 lecture on uses of digital technology in the form of Bee application. Focusing on the issue of how to effectively deal with reading literacy for future academic and career success. Organised by the Bee (Note: the Bee is an online application that improves the level of reading and helps in difficulty with reading, including dyslexia), and the Student Association of the Agora.

17. March 2016 Department of rusistiky and lingvodidaktiky pořádála Jubilee seminar 40., on which he stepped out. PhDr. Andrew Hník, Ph.d. and PhDr. Tamara Bučková, Ph.d. The theme of the seminar was the teaching of literature in foreign languages. 17. March 2016 took place in the lobby of the Faculty of education, the traditional Spring markets, which participated in, inter alia, sheltered workshops and guilds. 17. March 2016 Department of history Didactics of history in cooperation with the Student Association organized a lecture led by Agora. Antonin Kostlánem, CSc. on topic: interweaving early modern intellectuals and the Saintes in the Czech Republic

18. March 2016 ran through the open door day for doctoral studies

19. March 2016 took Botany and-trip with the name for the spring flora of the surroundings of Kladno with Drosophilou/Spring flora near Kladno with Drosophila club. Action organized the student Guild of Drosophila.

22. March 2016 will take place presentation of Andrew's book-need to rethink the Lánský liberalism? organized by the student association Agora. The action takes place in the large hall from 6:00 pm. Admission and refreshments are free at the event. 22. March 2016 will lecture the Montessori Elementary School-"I can" with a foreign guest of Dr. Paul Epsteinem. The lecture is organized by the Department of primary education, in cooperation with the CZECH REPUBLIC Montesori 16:15 in R112. Capacity is limited to 10 places. Application:

23. March 2016 birthday party Honorary President Professor Petra Čorneje or Beer welcome spring holds the first Prague Teaching Beer Squadron.  The venue is Krušovice cottage and from 19:00. Admission to the event 50kč.

21. March 16-24. March 2016 elections occur in the academic Senate elections are held in the student the Curia (six elected representatives) and (II). the Curia of the employee (four elected representatives), 21. -€ 24. 3. 2016. The venue of the election will be the lobby of the building of the Faculty in Rettigová Street.

29. March 2016 event will take place on behalf of Czech century with dr. Kourou. This is the screening accompanied by a commentary mediated PhDr. Peter Kourou, PhD, who was a consultant over the entire series of series Czech of century. The organization participates in Agora, in cooperation with the Department of the history of the didactics of history.  Action you can take from 18:00 in 216.

31. March 2016 Central Library of Charles University pedagogical faculty organizes reading Andrew Hníka with a lecture and music. The event will be enriched by the cultural insert, more precisely the violin music of Marie Dunovské (field of study for students 1. the degree of PRIMARY SCHOOL) and her friends. The event will take place from 4:30 pm in the reading room in the main building.

2. April 2016 from 13:30 will take action D-DUR, or two years of holidays (the day the kids teachers and parents) organized by the Pedagogical Club Emil. "Explore the unknown, discover, experience the unexpected! Ztroskotejte with us! Experience the holidays for two years on a desert island. "

4. April 2016 from 16:30 meeting will take place in the large hall of the student disciplinary councils and associations with the guidance of the faculty. The event is open to all active students. On the program will be primarily a celebration of 70. anniversary of the PedF UK.

6. April 2016 will take place on the third floor, from 15:00 opening of the exhibition Bonobové, orphans of the forest organized Club, Drosophila.


6. April 2016, the Association organizes the Deskování Agora or the school of game action will take place from 14:05 in room R010A and 17:45 will move to R208.

11. April 2016 Student Association of Drosophila continues his successful cycle of Films with commentary (IV): planet of the apes Start from 18:00 in room R307, on the third floor, in the Department of biology. Expert commentary on the film will lead Associate Professor Václav Geertz of the Department of biology and environmental studies. Admission by donation, snacks at the event is free of charge.

12. April 2016 will take place with the owner of the publishing house organized by the student association Labyrinth Agora from 12:35 to 14:00 in M006 (building of the Faculty in Myslíkova Street)

13. April 2016 Department of Czech language PedF UK cordially invites to an interactive lecture dr. James Pelecha, supported by a grant from the Fulbright Foundation. After the lecture will be followed by discussion, the language will be English. The event will take place from the 14:15v Auditorium in the main building.

14. April 2016 celebrates the first birthday of the Association Drosohila in case of nice weather, you will be from 16:00 to enjoy on the terrace if the weather does not allow all the celebrations take place at the Department of biology in the third floor.  From 18:00 you can enjoy at the Afterparty birthday celebrations, which will take place in the adjacent Anchor.

14. April 2016 hosts the Association Emil sporting event named TABATA with Emil meeting on action is at 16:00 on Olšanském square.

15. April 2016 deadline for submission of Bachelor and diploma theses. (Does not apply for teacher training 1. instance, here was a term already 11. 3. 2016)

16. April 2016, you can go on a trip and Poděbrady Libicky luh with Drosophilou!

18. April 2016 will lecture of prof. Michael Sandela named What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets. The lecture will take place at the Law Faculty in the Collegium maximum. Organized by the Charles University in Prague in cooperation with the Student Association Agora, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of law, the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of social sciences.

21. April 2016 to celebrate the third birthday of the Student Association of the Agora. The action takes place in the lesser town square in Jo's Garage from 21:00.

24. April 2016 will take place for the second year running, with the name: run for the Zoo Prague, organised by the Association of Drosophila and the Faculty of education. Proceeds from the entry fee will be donated to project the Zoo Prague-Helping them to survive. The length of the run is focused on two routes: 10 km and 5 km. Additional registrations can be made after agreement via email. Startlist here following the traditional "mobile phones for Gorilla" basic entry fee will be returned to those participants who have forwarded when registering an unwanted mobile phone with battery.