It seemed to you that the jeans into Bell did it in fashion? You had the feeling that the era of the neholení, there's also once was, and that many large period started a revolution? History repeats itself. What I am referring to is the modern trend of the family cohabitation, which is reminiscent of the era of the first half of the 20th century. century in England.

Nowadays, when the social layers of shells makes us more, increasingly higher middle class, pushed the time decided to save time by returning to the "servants". Based on statistics from the uk, we can see that the amount of the cleaning lady, gardeners, drivers, au pair and is even higher than it was at the beginning of the last century.

To get the family could afford the luxury of time in carrying out the investigation of the normal domestic obligations, pay for it, time spent at work. And as such the family looks like? From my own experience and many discussions with my girlfriends, which acted as an au pair in Europe and elsewhere in the world, shows that most of the steps built families, rather than the time inserted even into their children, rather money.

Parents love their children and want the best for them. It mainly in good fro the education that the child has to provide at the end of the same or better well-being than they themselves, and thus to secure the child. The following is therefore investing money into a whole series of rings, the best schools, private tutors, etc. What but it has family in the outcome of the internal relationships with this the filling?

Such a parent, when after a long work week comes on the weekend series, needs its strength enough to recharge, that spending time with the children, that is not actually so used and completely forgets what it's like to spend more time with them, because it caters to the au pair, it sees too much additional energy, which already has. And so, despite all the efforts of the will does not have to spend with the kids, all my free time.

Or their children do not have easy. Half a day to spend in school, the second is divided between the ring, tasks, food, wash and sleep. Time on their own personal development and free games remains at a minimum. After some time, the children slowly to the stage when the au pair begin to say "Mama", as she feels that the person they most of the time. The generation that started the trend, so Grandma with Grandpa, it does not serve as an option, where the kids can go on a vacation, where they would watch. Appropriate is a visit to a coffee. The longer the delay is on consideration and they want to have peace after all.

Such is the current trend, which gradually penetrates us. It is very pleasant to afford luxury, something just the lower tier look and their dream is to get to this level, also to be able to afford it. However, this is the best? Where's the family camping? Where are the children playing outside in the fields, screaming, bleeding, olizující and cumlající on the ground spadené candy? Why children's celebrations are full of latte, headaches and children is based on phrases like "I don't have time."?