In the sweaty Palm grips fast zahřívající coin. After the machine rolls his eyes, slight hesitation the right index finger, press the button. The sound of a heavy impact and satisfactory to the slastný feel of the winnings.

Dispensers are everywhere. Work easily and have everything you need, so acutely: liquid, sugar and caffeine. They work very much like slot machines. Just when you produce chocolate, wild neroztančí in the vortex of music and lights. Your choice of intimately will remain between you and the machine.

For our faculty, vending machine units, there is also a certain amount of adrenaline, especially for those who are without the benefits of coffee. No, each machine will give you what you have decided to play.

As an experienced user, I need to know that the coffee machine on the second floor he probably possessed a spirit of some handicapped women after age 50. It's the kind that has a home poloslepou cat full of buried popelníčky mascara and in the evenings, is mired in a bottle of Vermouth. Her mood is as variable as this year's winter. Therefore, it will easily happen that instead of your cappuccino, Crucible just scoop the sugar and incredulous look, if something else will not fall out of the machine. Will not fall out. Not just in the mood. At other times you will provide sluníčkově and míchátko.

            The essential question remains, however, if they are for us high school students at all appropriate dispensers and what should be their content, that is not detrimental to our health and yet remain sufficiently attractive.

For me personally would probably was the best machine on the lego Kit. Not, perhaps, for easy consumption of smaller parts, but simply because during his of folding your stress levels clearly several times.  It is clear to me that the entries of all the kafařů and lovers of sweet soft drinks you downloaded the horror of what their machines should replace. I do not think that it is necessary to get rid of anything, indeed, in our years to fully bear the responsibility for his body and a selection of our diet and lifestyle is purely our private affairs. However I did not hinder the expansion of the menu options. I'm not a vegetarian, but have the opportunity to purchase this fruit, I quite enjoyed it.

And anyway, why limit yourself to constantly offer food? Honestly the pencils, workbooks or textbooks would definitely not lose. Ask yourself, how many times in life you say the phrase: "you don't have paper?" or "have you got a pen?". And as well as a bistro or stationery are open non-stop. He knows that in Brno, where the street found its application of machine Kotlářská on worms for anglers.



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