"In České Budějovice, would want to live." Although the Jára Cimrman would so completely disagreed, but he certainly would not mind a few visits to the South Bohemian metropolis within the course of the social network as a call for education and training. Oh, and if you live there, you can get before Saturday's lunch at Grandma's to go on the Theological Faculty University of South Bohemia for a lot of new knowledge and skills and experience mainly. In the second half of may, namely Media Education Centre organizes its third course!

The course is intended for all current and future teachers and educators. In addition, the ujasníš 's all the structure of social networks, their operation and use, also find out why today's teenagers social networking so adore, what are the forms of pathological phenomena, and how to protect children from them. Also consider ways of realization of media education in our country and abroad. Mainly, however, tried and you make lots of activities with social networks and the social networks that you can use in the classroom, and thus promote the positive use of social networks for children!

You can subscribe to the 15. in may, and the first lesson, then will take place 21. of May. Then we will meet every Saturday morning until 11. in June, when the entire course will culminate in a final examination. But we will not give certificates for free But  what is important – thanks to the support of the Foundation of ČEZ is this course offered for the price of CZK 500 from 2500 CZK. So now or until September!