With a smile, life of Charles IV.

Author: Carolina Svobodová

To sedmistému anniversary of the birth of Emperor Charles IV. published by the educational portal of the popular book for children, following in the footsteps of Charles IV. Children can use the publication both at home, and, with the help of the teachers in the school.

The author of the books is Lenka P, teacher of history and mathematics at the elementary school of the merry. In the publishing house already came from the same author of two publications we vitamins and From fleas after the elephant.

The book is accompanied by illustrations by Michaela Bergmannové, which is known for its cartoon animations in children's books.

Although the book is intended primarily for children, not adults, readers certainly book nepohrdnou. The book is historically correct and in addition to the biography of Emperor Charles IV. Displays the era of his rule, therefore, 14. of the century. The author of the book also provides recommended reading.

The publication is divided into several parts. We can demonstrate, and this Assembly, examine the Charles family, we have information from Charles, originally Václavova, life, family, reputation, therefore, about Luxembourg's human footprint: all four of Charles wives and their life úděly.

One part of the book is devoted to construction and provision among the father's homeland. There is also so mention of Charles University, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral. In addition to the concise illustrations, the book is enriched with quotes from historical sources, such as the Chronicle of Peter Žitavského, but of course the Vita Caroli.

The book acquaints the readers with the politics of Charles IV., mentions a number of his coronation, whether the Imperial coronation, or the coronation of the King. Not forgetting even the mention of the incoming Reformation.

Thanks to the blue tables that explain and closing individual concepts, such as: elector, Rector of the University, etc., is in the book of zorientujeme very easily.

The book can be used for hours of literature, refers to Jan Neruda and his romance of Charles IV.

In the book, we learn about the diet of Charles IV, the Royal cuisine. Who knows, that Charles had a favorite chef, who received the alarm inherently Inn at St. Peter's on the Prague new town and didn't have to pay taxes and to him, the Emperor granted the right to BREW and sell beer? The author immediately informs the reader of the word city, where people go to relax, have fun and drink good liquor.

The reader will appreciate the detailed, but easily imaginable, the process of coronation ceremony, but gets the idea also about how chivalrous tournaments took place, what people wore under clothing.

Not only in the course of reading, but maybe at the very end, we can validate our acquired knowledge about Karl, of his court.

"Who is loved and hated in the passion of their die." (Karel IV.: Vita Caroli) Therefore, let us read with passion (P) on the footsteps of the father of the country.

More about the book can be found here: http://obchod.portal.cz/po-stopach-Karl-iv-/

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