After a year of once again flares up on the legends behind the mythical and Ogrympu before the Faculty doors Ogrympijský fire, which foreshadows the venue of the legendary Ogrympijády! And then will be followed by a pilgrimage after the pubs to the venue of this year's Ogrympijády in the subsequent beer!
The March will start at 15:30 in front of the faculty.
The route of the March:

The Restaurant At The Anchor,
Podskalskou Customs House (
Restaurant Budweiser (
Tavern on the Walls (
Beer Bad times (
and the Michelska pub

Waiting for us along the way and hike on the Prague and visit to the Pantheon at the Acropolis! (we have, where we once…)
You can connect anywhere, or arrive on to the subsequent pub at 19:00, where you can look at the traditional disciplines like frisbír or paralemting!
Part of the celebration will be the feast of St. Vitus!
We are looking forward to you!