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The author of the book How to students: coping with challenging situations in the classroom, Martin T is known primarily as an accredited mediator with focus in the area of training to the negotiation and conflict resolution and stress management in the heart of the agreement. At the University we can meet up with her at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, where he is on the Department of supervision of Management in social and health care organizations.

The book, published by Portal, contains a variety of helpful advice, practical exercises and information emanating from the daily interaction with students.

The author argues in his writing of the use of the whole series of simple stories of the practices, which demonstrates the issue. The themes of the individual sections of the book are chosen not only on the basis of current events, which still is the inclusion, for example, or refugees, but also focuses on common predicaments of the school environment. Worth mentioning is the chapter devoted to negotiating with parents, communication of negative messages free of disturbance in the class, or an hour.

A sample from the book How to pupils

The book is written in a systematic, theoretical does not ignore the part where the fundamental concepts are clearly defined, including the legislative point of view. To handle challenging situations with rational insight accesses the author and the appropriate folders of the empathic teachers. You can say that the book is useful not only for beginning teachers.

Strong point, are clearly specific examples from practice and especially the sample multiple solution options mentioned situations. The educator is not guided by the fact that there is only one correct way to deal with the problem methodically, but that there is room for another way out. In the publication, there are also examples of risk approach, which leads to a pleasant vybalancování and maintain better perspective. Not entirely open to the chapter the author forgets the conclusion always indicate which way was the real event is resolved, its circumstances and consequences.

The publication also contains an attachment, where we can find the individual educational program or address file to assist institutions to which it is possible to contact, if necessary.

The book is to be read with ease, I especially appreciate the modern and practical advice based on real situations. Approach each issue seems to me to be reasonably rendered with adequate space for the awareness of the many complexities that occur when dealing not only with the pupils, but also with parents. Here the emphasis is also on the teacher and his personal life, which is not a matter of course, and it makes the book even more real, more human. The overall impression from the book I have good colleagues and I can safely recommend as beneficial and rewarding.

Author: Elisabeth Kryčerová


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