"College students are in the twentieth, and partly in the nineteenth century, has always participated in the public life of the place where they studied or where they originated. Already by the nature and temperament of the young man they were destined to certain social engagement, which they subsequently developed, in particular, membership in student clubs. “
Radicalisation of the Prague students
That is part of the introductory words of the recently came to the Radicalisation of the Prague students publications from Publishing the UK from George Müller PedF. The 10 chapters dedicated to the active involvement of students in the higher life, and above all the areas of action of students in clubs in 30. years 20. of the century. (Higher education in Czechoslovakia between the war, the numerus clausus of student societies, political struggle, etc.) .
The title gradually moving across not only time, but also to the University, where individual student clubs act as it was on 1. the medical faculty and the Faculty of law of Charles University in Prague. From the substantive issues of an emergency, students kolejnému or "estates" requirements. About what have been the most crucial attributes of the student performing against a nation and between them before the Munich agreement themselves, so you can read in this publication.
As a curiosity it can be noted that the book was created from the master thesis students in Prague 30 Radicalisation. years 20. in the 20th century, where the author wishes to thank for the professional consultation and assistance. George Hnilicovi, Ph.d. and Doc. PhDr. Alice Míškové, PhD. from the Department of history and Didactics of history PedF, which in the opinion of the UK has assessed this work.
Thank you for the co-operation Publishing PedF UK. http://pages.pedf.cuni.cz/vydavatel…