School on wheels

  • School on wheels serves teachers and all those interested in education. The aim of the project is to gather and share experience and knowledge from schools all over the world and to broaden our horizons and to help each other in practice.
  • The project is dedicated to reportages that can be in the form of videos, photos or short articles.You can send the material ready for publication or other processing whenever you want.
  • Our quest is to bring some enlightenment to students as regards the teachings of other schools, especially the schools abroad, in an interesting and engaging way and thereby to broaden their horizons. To see the influence of culture on the shape of education. To enrich new teachers in Czech Republic by bringing new ideas.
  • We will gladly help with graphics, sound cleaning, video editing etc. The reportages and articles will be published on the web pages of and its facebook page.
  • In case you find yourself in some school abroad during your holidays, out of curiosity or while on a part-time job, don’t hesitate to ask about how thing are run there. Ask about their teaching materials and their schedule of the day or of the week. All countries have their own specific ways of doing things and their own traditions and habits that affect education as well. For identification in foreign countries, all you need is ISIC and sometimes a bit of patience. Every good teacher has the yearning for further education and will surely be happy with someone interested in his work.



Don’t forget that even through faculty provided excursions you may visit some other school. Every experience will enrich you and get you further. With that comes the ability to communicate and consult with others. People often wrongly assume that they are the only ones that had some bad expereince. But that is definitely not the case. Your knowledge and your opinion are just two of many important things that you can share to help others in a situation that you yourself might have gone through. :)



School and about teaching

  • The aim of the project is to share experience and knowledge from schools.
  • To broaden your horizons and help each other with practice.
  • It’s a forum where teachers describe and evaluate the schools they taught at whether they are in foreign countries or in the Czech Republic. This forum is supposed to help mainly students to gather as much info as they can before they venture to the adventure of practice itself in schools and courses.